Cavan Legacy's mission is to provide one small-to-medium sized business owner in Southern California with an attractive succession plan as they consider retirement or other next steps in their lives.

Owners who are passionate about preserving their legacy, the future of their company, employees, customers, and community, and willing to support the transition fit best with Cavan Legacy's purpose.

Time Horizon

Unlike other investors, Josh has no plan to flip your business in a few years and wants to remain in the business for the long haul. 


Josh is committed to continuing to invest in, run and support your business, and maintain the privacy and strict confidentiality of all conversations and information.


Josh wants to acquire a business with passionate employees and continue to foster an environment with growth and opportunities.

Josh has worked across a variety of industries during his career  with a focus on investing in and advising small to medium sized businesses on growth strategies to take the business to the next level.