About Cavan Legacy

Why acquire a small business?

“My interest in small business started  when my parents first looked into acquiring a convenience store in my hometown. This interest was further inflamed through discussions with my uncle about his path to co-founding a digital label press manufacturing company and hearing stories about my grandfather founding and running several small businesses.

Having grown up in a small town (just 5,000 people) in upstate New York I’ve seen the profound impact that these and other small businesses have on a community and the community’s vibrancy.”

Josh Skelly, Founder

Most of Josh’s career has been spent investing and advising small and medium sized businesses across a range of industries including IT services, marketing services and software. Josh had the incredible experience not just learning about investing but also learning from the executives of these companies about how to grow, manage and take care of organizations and their people. Prior to working with small businesses, he was a strategy and operations consultant with Deloitte Consulting focused on growth strategy and operational improvement.

Josh earned his M.B.A. with Dean’s Honors & Distinction from Columbia Business School and graduated magna cum laude from the Boston College with a B.S. in Finance, Accounting & Information Systems.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, visiting baseball stadiums with his dad (23/30), following the bad New York sports teams (well, tries to enjoy anyway), scuba diving, hiking and playing sports.

About the Name

The name “Cavan Legacy” comes from County Cavan in Ireland where my grandfather was born and raised before immigrating to the U.S. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the farm he was raised on twice in the last ~10 years.  Legacy has a two-fold meaning in the name: first, in my mission to honor the legacy you have created for yourself and your business, and my family’s legacy tracing back to County Cavan.